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Chemical Injection Skid
Oil & Gas Process Skids

MODSKID excels in precision-engineered Oil & Gas Process Skids. Our expertise in design, fabrication, and commissioning ensures seamless integration for efficient and reliable operations in the energy sector. Elevate your project with MODSKID's tailored solutions in process skid technology.

Chemical Injection Skid
Modular Chemical Injection Skids

MODSKID pioneers excellence in Modular Chemical Injection Skids. Our cutting-edge design and engineering deliver compact, efficient, and customizable solutions for precise chemical dosing in diverse industrial applications.

Chemical Injection Skid
Offshore & Onshore Baskets & Skids

MODSKID excels in crafting versatile Offshore & Onshore Baskets & Skids. From offshore platforms to onshore facilities, our tailored solutions ensure secure and efficient transport, storage, and handling of equipment

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MODSKID, Crafters of Engineering Excellence.

Established in 2021, MODSKID is a dynamic company based in Coimbatore, India, specializing in Engineering, Design, Procurement Support Services, Construction Supervision, installation, Erection & commissioning support services. With a global footprint, our internationally recognized brand is synonymous with project reliability, execution fairness, the integrity of our people, and the highest standards of services.

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At MODSKID, our professional team forms the backbone of our success, bringing expertise and dedication to every project.

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MODSKID thrives on quick responses with our dynamic team in Coimbatore. Our professionals are poised to deliver swift solutions, ensuring project efficiency and client satisfaction.

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Choose MODSKID for unparalleled engineering solutions—where expertise meets reliability. With a proven track record, we deliver excellence that defines industry standards.

Quality engineering services

Empowering projects through top-notch engineering services, ensuring quality and excellence in every endeavor.

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Accelerating Success with Fast Track Services. Swift solutions, reliable results – experience efficiency at its best.

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Pioneering On-Time Project Excellence. Our commitment ensures timely schedules and precise project deliveries, setting benchmarks in reliability.

Quality Control

Exemplifying Excellence Through Rigorous Quality Control. Our commitment ensures projects of the highest standards, delivering precision and reliability.

Project Management

We excels in Project Management & Quality Control, ensuring seamless execution and precision at every step. Trust us for projects that meet the highest standards of excellence.


Most front-runners choose us for ourProven commitment to precision, reliability, and superior engineering solutions.

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